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Food Truck Payment

VIP Membership

Island Food To Go VIP membership if for paid participants only.

  • Access to order from our full menu

  • 64 pre-paid meals per year ( 1/week & 1/month )

  • Cook to order service

  • On demand free delivery

  • payable Monthly, after 90 days of being a VIP member.

  • Monthly entertainment & dinner free

Business Meeting

Free Business Promotion

We are promoting our members who own their own business by including their business information on our distribution package materials we will be sending out to hundreds of consumers daily. Our distribution channels includes: Grubhuh, Doordash, Ubereats, Postmates and our delivery team.

This is only for VIP members with businesses

VIP Membership Benefits

Cook To Order Service

Exclusive FREE all you can eat dinner party each month with live music and more

Private Catering Service

Excellent catering service to help clean, season and vacuum seal package several meat dishes. Customers can later cook on a stove or in an Air-fryer or Crockpot.

- Food Safety Training by Certified Safe Serve Trainer

IFTG Caribbean Cookbook

Over 100+ Jamaican Cuisines You Can Make Yourself

FREE Bonus Gifts

  • IFTG Sandwich Recipes Collection eBook!

  • IFTG Ultimate Collection Of Herbal Tea Remedies!

  • IFTG Delicious Diabetic Recipes!

Join us as we are growing!

Become a silent partner with a minimum of investment of $3,500 that will allows you to earn residual profit sharing from the growth of Island Food To Go Local, National and International branding vision for ten years. 

You can schedule a one on one meeting at our office, so that we can discuss our silent partnership with you.  Click here

Drinking Wine

Place order for daily special meals and catering orders no membership required. 

Informational website for VIP members Contributors, business partners

Get the latest information on events, the Caribbean Islands and netional dishes.

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